It’s a Friday confessional. With a week full of Couture shows, designer treats and even a God particle, I haven’t got any washing done. This becomes a bit of a dilemma for me because minus the fashion events and the smoke and mirrors of this seemingly always glamorous business, I really mostly get about the busy capital wearing my basic essentials, i.e. my sheer button up shirts, jeans and my tees. Yep. We are all intrinsically the same at the end of a long and rainy day.

I have spent much of my time this morning happily marvelling at the Equipment website. For a brief moment there I even considered just buying up more essentials to avoid the pile of washing that awaits me but was quickly (and visually) reminded of just why quality of product and design is as much a part of what an ‘essential’ means as is the actual ease of wearing the garment. A poorly made imitation of a great quality basic just doesn’t count or become an essential. Right?

Equipment ShirtSo I dug a little deeper. As soon as I saw the lines “transforming a men’s classic into an item of women’s clothing with glam appeal” on ‘THE STORY’ page of the website, followed by the words; “fusing French sophistication with an air of effortlessly chic, laid-back, California style,  I was hooked – and rather chuffed, knowing that Equipment is the one label amongst us here at The editeur that we all agree upon as being fabulous whilst remaining versatile.

Christian Restoin’s label Equipment was first founded amongst the fashionable times of the 1970s, having re-emerged today with a strong and refined silhouette that takes what is essentially (there’s that word again) a ‘man’s’ shirt and remaking it into a strikingly strong yet feminine day to day staple.

Equipment ShirtWith Creative Director and CEO Serge Azria at the reins today, the new collection recalls the classic, minimalistic undertones of the equipment brand. Timeless and innovative, the collection is described as featuring modern androgynous silhouettes, discreet sexiness, luxe fabrics, unexpected details and feminine riffs on men’s shirting.

In a time where we’re all after some key wardrobe essentials, we are often confused by the mass market and media suggesting we buy up throw-away fashions and bend to the popular UK culture of fast trends – leaving us realising all too late that fast doesn’t always equate to quality, nor does it equate to real life, our life.

Equipment Riley Tee T-shirtWhat we really need is an edit of strong basic (yet stylish) pieces which can be dressed up or down depending on the occasion and your budget. Simples.

Here are some of my favourite Equipment styles on offer at The editeur, carefully selected for you by people like you. Oh and don’t forget to team these babies up with our range of Acne boots, Farhi by Nicole Farhi Top, J Brand jeans and a slick jacket, perhaps in the form of my very favourite – the Red Valentino Frill Leather Biker Jacket.

Happy shopping!