If I was excited about the Rachael Ruddick handbag collection arriving in store then there must be a new terminology for the feelings brewing over shoe designer Sam Edelman and his timely new studded clutch arrivals.

We ladies just cannot rock a fabulous bag without a fabulous heel so it’s lucky for us that neither is too far away. In fact, Rachael and her leathers share the same space in our Chester boutique with Sam, under the stunning roof of our Tudor style building.

But who is Sam Edelman?

What we know and love about our Sam:

* his designs are a reflection of his own style and serve to inspire others to express  themselves through their own sartorial endeavours.

* he loves a wonder blogger rocking his designs

* the uber cool bohemian lass Vanessa Hudgens is a fan and so is Julia Roberts, Mischa Barton and Halle Berry – to name but a few.

* his designs appeal to young hipsters of 15 through to the busy working mum

* he manages to be feminine and fierce at the same time (not so easy to achieve)

* his flat styles are as good as his super high platforms (it’s true!)

* he’s not afraid to stick a lot of spikes on a very high shoe or a sassy clutch

* he defined his brand and cemented himself as a designer to stay in Autumn of 2008 when his fringed ankle boots in an assortment of jewelled colours were a sell-out success

* His designs are versatile! Wear them on holiday or to the office. An office holiday anyone?

Bring on the shoe fetishes.

Repeat after me, “I promise not to blame Anne for the upcoming hole in my bank account”

Sam Edelman