On Monday night myself and my new buddy, Sarah Harradine from Fashion Dotty, attended an evening in Harvey Nichols Manchester with Kate Finnigan, style director of The Sunday Telegraph’s Stella Magazine to hear about her life and thoughts on the fashion industry. The event hosted by The Fashion Network and chaired by the charismatic Jordan McDowell from Fashion Rambler was a great opportunity to meet fellow fashion bloggers and budding fashion journalists. When starting her career in journalism, like many others, Kate believed that the fashion industry was an elite world that she didn’t belong to, but by having (just the right amount of) self-confidence and belief in herself she soon realised it was an industry she could be part of. Now 15 years later she has become one of the leading fashion journalists in the world.

It was interesting to hear about the decline in sales of printed magazines with a shift towards online magazines, which has many similarities with the decline of the high-street and dramatic increase in internet shopping. However, Kate believes that there will always be an appetite for the traditional printed magazine and as for me, I spend the majority of my day in front of a computer I relish taking time-out with a glossy in my hand!

Kate encourages women to have fun with fashion by experimenting with pieces you wouldn’t normally choose. Although Kate embraces the latest trends she advises that when buying on-trend pieces you should still ensure they are a classic piece that you will wear again and again. Kate believes fashion should be enjoyable and that you should “wear what you like”, perhaps matching your fashion to your personality to create your own identity, rather than following what you believe you should be wearing. This advice is refreshing to hear, showing that Kate fully understands what customers in this current climate are looking for and because of this I believe she is a great ambassador for our UK fashion industry.